We supply our beers in casks to pubs, clubs and beer festivals throughout East Anglia.

We also supply our beer to anyone that wants it, so if you are having a party, or just deperate for some of our beer for when the pubs have closed, we can offer it in 10L (18 pints), 20L (36 pints) beer boxes, and 20L (36 pints) & 40L casks (72 pints).

Please call us for details.


Alc 4.0% Vol.

Fruity, bitter-sweet body, with touches of caramel and a full finish.

The aroma is slightly spicy, with marmalade and caramel notes.

Brewed with pure spring water, Maris Otter barley and Target & First Gold hops.



Alc 3.7% Vol.

A gently hoppy Citrus Character which is lightly bitter in body with a sweetness developing.

The aroma is pleasantly floral with lemon and lime and notes of pine.

Brewed with pure spring water, Maris Otter barley and Challenger, and Bobek hops.


Alc 3.9% Vol.

Rounded citrus aroma, filling out with splashes of fruitiness and a beautifully smooth bitterness.

Brewed with Maris Otter barley and Pilgrim hops, then dry hopped during fermentation with UK Cascade hops.

Dragonfly (Summer Special)

Alc 4.2% Vol.

A refreshing, straw coloured Gold, the perfect Summer ale, dry hopped with Dragon Hops.