It’s all about the Terroir!

‘Terroir’, as our French friends and most wine lovers will know, is a fantastic term which encompasses our human connection to our surroundings and how we and they combine to create products of character; our character. The region, the soils, the customs and the flora and fauna. All the exciting, unusual and vital elements which go into making a truly exceptional product. 

It is;

  • that for hundreds of years, the Icknield Series has been recognised as producing the best malting barley in the world,
  • that Warminster Maltings are the oldest hand maltings in Britain,
  • that the Hadham borehole draws water from within the Icknield Series with which to brew the beer,
  • the fact that the head brewer has been brewing in this area for over 20 years and the way he extracts the elements from the raw materials and combines them in the brewing process,
  • the fact that the brewery is modern and ultra clean,
  • the computer-controlled cask washer & filler and steel casks,
  • the refrigerated conditioning store,
  • the direct distribution,
  • the Cellar Support;

That results in the customer receiving, across the bar, a consistently perfect pint of HADHAM.