So, what makes Hadham Brewery Beer so great

So, what does make Hadham Brewery beer great, you may ask yourself? Is it just as simple as the brewing recipe, or is there far more complex things involved in the production of Hadham Beer?  Well, we will be running over the basic of what ingredients we use and what special things bring out those traditional flavours in our beer. 

To start let’s look at the beers that we do from the first one ever brewed at the Brewery to the most recent.  Our First traditional Bitter was surprisingly the first Brewed beer in the Brewery, as the name suggests. Its is a 4% amber brown in colour and has a beautiful bitter sweet character to it.  The ever-popular Gold (Formerly 18ct Gold) was the next, at 3.7% this golden pale ale is perfect a session ale, with gentle citrus notes. Lastly, the most recent beer to our core range was the masterpiece of head brewer William Compton: Oddy 3.9%. A moreish Copper coloured pale ale, with a rounded intense citrus flavour, this is also the only Beer that we dry hop. 

So, to get these great flavours out of our beers, what exactly do we do, well to keep it simple and not to scientific (which surprisingly brewing is very scientific) we make sure we concentrate on quality.  We use quality suppliers and quality equipment.


Our malt supplier, Warminster Maltings is one of the oldest and last traditional maltsters, using traditional, floor drying kilning, and manual manipulation of the malts.  This brings a traditional quality to our beers, and Warminster are recognised as one of the best malt supplier due to its use of Icknield Series, an area we will cover later in this blog.


Our Hops supplier, Charles Faram, are renowned for sourcing some of the best available hops in the UK and around the world.  We use mainly UK sourced hops, and keep to traditional flavours in our beer. Using such hops as UK Cascade, First Gold, Challenger, Target, pilgrim from the UK and Bobek from Europe.  We use each of the hops, for different purposed, as each has a distinct flavour and bitterness that is transferred to the beers.  Some are used as bittering hops; some are used in the late and dry hops process.  This use depends on their Alpha acid content, something that changes per crop of hops.


Our own spring water supply, the brewery is based at Little Hadham to allow the use of the new borehole purpose drilled into the chalk aquifer of the Ash Valley. The borehole itself is one hundred metres deep, lined, and descends through the chalk aquifer. It has been designed and installed as a potable water source close to where there has been a water source since Roman times.  This water source has different complex compound variations to tap water and other spring water sources, and surprisingly brings some of the unique flavours and mouth feel to our beers; it plays a key part in what makes our beer great.


Yeast, well what do people know about yeast apart from it makes bread?  Well unbeknownst to me when I started at the brewery, it contributes substantially in the final flavours of the beers we produce.  So much so that we cannot say much more.

the Icknield Series

What is the Icknield Series you may be asking yourself, well the area of England where are barley is grown is called the Icknield Series, and is a seam of loam over chalk upland running roughly from The Wash to Dorset, along which there is an ancient highway called the Icknield Way.  The Icknield Series was recognised over 150 years ago by brewers and maltsters as ‘producing malts of character superior to any other’ and is were Warminster source most of the malts.

The Hadham Team

At the Brewery, we run on a small team of three passionate beer lovers, all bringing our own work experiences to make sure the Beer we make is of the highest quality. As we all bring a positive to the brewery company, one person stands out who has been crucial to the production of the beer, our Head Brewer William Compton has over 20 years brewing experience. William has always been interested in science, creativity… and beer, so moving into brewing was a natural choice. He has brought his knowledge and passion to create and brew our core range of beers and ensure they are consistently good.


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